Keep Your Pool Clean with Regular Maintenance

Keep your pool in good condition during the summer and the seasons when you don’t use it with a regular maintenance program.

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Keep Your Pool Clean with Regular Maintenance

Pool covers

This is your first defense against dirt, branches, twigs, leaves and other debris. A good pool cover will hold in the heat and limit evaporation. This saves water and energy costs.

There are several types of pool covers. A heavy cover may be removed for the entire summer and stored until it is replaced in the fall. Other covers may be rolled back while the pool is in use and replaced at night. A cover that is used daily is subject to wear and should be inspected.

Keep Your Pool Clean with Regular Maintenance

Check for leaks

If the water level is dropping, check for leaks immediately. You can use the bucket test to determine if your pool is losing more than a quarter-inch of water a day through evaporation. Intake and return plumbing lines should be checked along with the filter and pump system.

Check the surface of the pool for cracks. In-ground gunite pools can have loose tiles that will eventually cause leaks. Fittings such as the skimmer assembly, light fixtures and ladders should be checked to make sure they are tight.

The main drain must also be tight to keep water moving into the plumbing line. Excess dirt at the bottom of the pool is an indication of a drain leak.

A professional pool company including in the Hudson Valley area will check for leaks and other problems. They can repair leaks and replace worn parts on pumps.

Your pool may need to be drained, at least in part. This should be accomplished carefully by a professional pool company to avoid flooding your deck, the street and landscaping.

Keep Your Pool Clean with Regular Maintenance

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Chemical balance

Your pH balance of acid and alkalinity is important when the pool is in use. This pH balance of 7.4 is the main way to keep your swimming pool clean. (Use this link for more information on various pool chemicals.)

The pool water may need to be “shocked” with added chlorine several times during the summer and even in the season when it is not used. This also applies to attached hot tub spas. The added chlorine and related acid chemicals will eliminate dangerous bacteria and algae.

Keeping the water clean and clear also involves skimming the pool with a net and using a vacuum system. There are several robotic cleaners available. The filtration system and pump motor must also work efficiently to keep the pool clean and help maintain the pH balance.

Keep Your Pool Clean with Regular Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

Neave Pools and other companies offer scheduled maintenance and occasional service as needed. This may be necessary after a major storm. Check out Neave Pools to download a free maintenance guide for all seasons.

Opening and closing a pool with help from professionals will keep your pool in good condition even when it is not in use. Many pool owners keep their hot tub spas operating most of the year while the actual pool is closed and covered.

Closing a pool in the fall includes winterizing the plumbing system in areas such as the Hudson River Valley and Connecticut that will get freezing weather. The pool is carefully drained to the recommended winter level. The chemical levels are checked before the pool is covered.

Proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy the pool and keep your yard looking good all year. var noskimlinks = ‘true’;

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